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Knowing your limits

Went to the doctor today – all excited hoping he would tell me I could drive and walk and be you know human again.


Uh-huh – nope – it was not to be.


In fact instead he told me I had pushed myself to hard, overdone it.  The tendons in my ankle are inflamed, and there not suppose to be.  So for the next 5-7 days instead of moving forward I am moving back. 

Back from one crutch to two crutches, back from moving around freely to being confined to the sitting with my foot up for “most” of the day. 


And no driving for me… :(


I promised myself that if I was going to have this surgery I was going to do EVERYTHING in my power to recover from it the right way so I could have a full and complete recovery. In the past week I have been over doing it.   I need to relax and let myself heal.


So, I am going to take a step back – know my limits and be patient.  I might have set my recovery behind a week or so, but I haven’t blown it out of the water and I won’t.

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I saw my podiatrist again today – we have a standing date every three weeks now.

We have decided that eventually I need the surgery on my ankle.

I am holding off for now.  The six to ten week recovery on crutches is very intimidating.

How do you take care of three children while on crutches for six weeks.

AND I won’t be able to drive because it is my right ankle.

To make everything just a tiny bit more complicated – as of right now Jason will be loosing his insurance in January so our family will be without health insurance.

What to do what to do?

Well, for tonight I am sitting with my feet up.  I got a cortisone shot in my right foot and it is still really hurting tonight.

Happy Friday everyone.  I hope everyone has a wonderful and happy weekend.


The Window

Below is a short piece of fiction by a friend of mine Christine Brant.  She is a writer here in the Seattle area.  You can find her blog at her web site.  Enjoy.

The Window

Christine Brant

I hated the house. As I entered I wanted to cry. The rest of the family spent hours studying pictures before the move, I refused to look, sneaking only glances. Constructing in my mind what I thought the house would be. Reality rudely intruded on my imagination. It smelled of disuse and emptiness, cold trailed my steps. This was my new kingdom?

Disbelief grew with each new room I inspected. I traveled up narrow stairs. My body brushed the door frame as I entered the room on the top floor. Here I caught my first glimpse of the window. The too long curtain lay on the floor. Plush carpet hushed my footsteps as I padded across the cavernous space. The temptation of sunlight around the edges of the curtain drew me in despite my mistrust.

Old glass nested in a painted wood frame behind the curtain. As I moved between the two dust stirred and I sneezed. The door clicked shut behind me; I was alone in this yawning space. I allowed a cry to escape. How could this happen? How could my hopes go so wrong?

I turned my gaze out the window; it sat so close to the floor I didn’t have to shift position. Awe infused me. I could see forever. Windows in our old home showed one thing. More houses each one the same. Here though…

Mountains loomed furthest from my view. White tips visible over the rough edges of trees; they reached for the sky. Clouds journeyed through the expanse of blue shaping and remaking their form as they traveled; giant cotton balls waiting to be captured.

Closer, through a divide of trees, bare in the late winter sun, light sparkled and glinted off water. The illusions created by the skipping light had me moving to catch the dancing mirage, and then retreating back. Sitting still and gazing out again at the enormous variety that met my gaze. Trees filled every open space some naked of their summer glory, others clothed all year in needles. They towered between and above the houses.

I was amazed by the number of roofs I could see from my perch. Birds and squirrels moved from trees to housetop, I looked down on it all. It was empowering.

Not just the height but also the breadth, there was so much to see. In our old neighborhood everything sat in neat tidy rows. Here the landscape lay loose and scattered. Houses half hid behind trees, peeped out from bushes and appeared around the bend of hills. I could see them all, below me.

I relaxed; sun warmed me through the glass. My soft cries shifted into a rumbling purr. Sitting, hidden from the emptiness of the room by the curtain, I tucked my tail around my paws. I watched a blackbird perch on the eves of the roof across from my new throne. The tip of my tail twitched. I was home.

This was my new Kingdom.

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Pictorial Accompaniment

So here are the pictures that go along with the post from Friday.


Here are pictures of Five things that would never happen in Columbia.


5) Parallel Parking.


4) Bird Baths.


3) Strawberry’s in my front yard


2) Field trips to Alki Beach. (Willoweve is in the bottom right hand corner of the picture)


1) Bald Eagles on Sand Bars.

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horse riding

Today is the day. Vicki and I are heading up to Lang’s horse and Pony farm for a mini Mom’s retreat. Tomorrow the kids will join us and ride ponies. They are excited, I am excited. It should be lovely.

It is so odd to me. I never expected to ride more when I lived in the city then I did in the suburbs. I do though.

Maybe part of it is determination. I was determined not to let my dream of riding die just because we moved to the city. Part of it is the way this area is too. Horse farms can afford to survive around here, while in Maryland it was a lot more expensive and harder for them.

I won’t say it’s exactly convenient. Lang’s is two hours from us. To me though the drive is worth every minute. The horses are wonderful and the farm is lovely and well kept.

So off we go for a mini moms retreat. We’ll do the full three day two night deal in September. Rachel is planning to fly out and join us for it.

I wish everyone a happy Mothers day and I hope you all have as lovely a weekend as I plan to. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

Amy's Pony party 9-21-07 001 Willoweve and Fiona standing with pony Amy at Lang’s

Copy of DSC00579 Vicki on Dave at Mom’s camp

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Birds singing

This morning I heard bird singing.

So did Xavier – he complained about their annoying noise!!! Silly boy.

I on the other hand was thrilled to hear them. I haven’t heard them in a while and I am going to take it as a sing of spring, weather it is or not. :)

They were loud this morning. In both the front and back of the house. It was nice to wake up hearing them sing.

I look forward to hearing them more in the coming weeks.

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Super Cool

So on Friday I had a super cool experience. Jason called me because he saw something in the sound.

Now, ever since we got here I have been looking for stuff in the sound. Orca’s or seals, sea lions, I don’t care, I just want to see something natural in it’s natural habitat.

So far I had no luck. I haven’t seen anything more then sea gulls and some other lovely long necks sea birds, and a few not so lovely sea birds.

So on Friday when Jason called me I had the kids out of the house in about two minutes flat. We drove down and met Jason by the water and walked around watching.

Then there it/they were. Seals or maybe sea lions – not sure and really not sure I could tell the difference – but for the purpose of writing this I’m gonna go with seals. think we saw at least two- briefly together then they went in separate directions and we were mostly watching one. A big dark colored seal that I swear was playing tag with the sea gulls.

Now, I might be wrong – I am no expert – but I don’t think seals eat sea gulls so I honestly think they were just playing. The sea would dive and swim under the water, then the bird would take off and the seal would pop up right where it had been. When the bird settled back on the water they did the whole thing all over again.

Looked like playing to me!!

I was SOOO thrilled. People kept walking past us and I am sure they thought I was WAY more excited then a seal deserved. Maybe this is old hat to them but to me it was a fantastic dream come true.

I live in a place I can watch wile sea animals play with wild sea birds. How cool is that?

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Do you ever feel like the energizer bunny?

Like you just keep going and going and going and your not really sure where you’re going or if you’re even going to get there…ever.

Someday’s I feel like that. Today I feel like that.

I feel like I try and try and work and work and I’m just falling further behind. This happens to me in a lot of areas.

Dieting, no matter how much I exercise, or how little I eat the scale does not seem to be moving down – at all.

House cleaning, I get the house clean- with lots of help from Jason – and within an hour it’s a mess again.

Money, no matter how hard I try to save we eat into our savings account a little every month.

Laundry – don’t even get me started on Laundry!!! IT NEVER ENDS! I just want to get every piece of clothing in our house clean, once – one time, yet it never happens.

So I just keep going and going and going, and I never get anywhere, just back to the same place I started a lot more tired.So here I go, getting started on another day. Maybe today I will move forward, maybe, just a tiny little bit. :)

I hope this is a forward momentum day for everyone out there in Blog World.

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Willoweve in Alki

We got the letter yesterday!!!

Willoweve got into Alki. She will be attending full day kindergarten there in the fall. We pretty much knew she was getting in but it’s nice to have it officially on paper.


I am very pleased that Willoweve will be going to Alki with Xavier. Not only is it more convenient to have both kids at the same school but the fact is I really like Alki. I like the teachers and the other parents and I like the kids Xavier and Willoweve have become friends with this year.

I remember when we moved here (a year ago next month) and went to the enrollment center for the first time. I was so nervous, the whole school choice thing was new and different. I had done a lot of homework and picked Alki and I spent hours praying, and asking others to pray, that Xavier would get in there.

We kept the picture Xavier drew while we sat waiting in the enrollment center. We put it in the box were we have mementoes of the wonderful things God has done in our lives. I consider God allowing us to have our kids at Alki to be a huge blessing and I am very thankful.

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder…

I love Seattle. I loved it before we make our trek back to Maryland for Thanksgiving. I must say though last night it was so nice to come home. As hard as I was afraid it would be to leave Maryland again I was actually excited about the prospect of getting home.

The trip – despite ER visits, ear infections and Bronchitis – was wonderful. We got to see and visit so many people and we were able to spend time with people we loved and missed a great deal.

I couldn’t pin down the “best day” of the trip the whole thing was good. We enjoyed visiting everyone and Mary and Kelley we cannot thank you enough for sharing your home with us for the past two weeks. Your generosity and kindness is such a wonderful blessing to those around you. Thanks.

Now the hard part.

Un packing. I’m scared….

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