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48 hours from now

I will be bustling my children out of the house to get them on an airplane. We will be leaving about this time to head to the airport for our flight to Maryland.


I can’t believe it is almost here. I am very excited. I can’t wait to see everyone, and while I can now find my way to and from most places I am still looking forward to being on roads I can drive without ever knowing their names and end up exactly where I want to be.

Not that West Seattle isn’t getting to be like that. When people tell me where something is I can look at them with more then a blank stare now. Still, I knew Columbia so well and I still kind of miss the getting in the car and just going. I still have to print direction to a myriad of things.

I will miss a lot of stuff too. I will miss hanging out with Vicki and Fiona. I will miss volunteering at West Side baby. And seeing people at Alki Elementary. As I am getting to know more and more people here It feels more and more like home.

I also know that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I know by the time my two weeks are over in MD I will be ready to come home to my house, in my state, in my city of Seattle. That excites me. I am thrilled that this place God has brought us to has become home.

God is so good.

I will try yo Blog while we are on our trip but we will be busy – at this point of our two weeks we only have three free days left. :) BUSY. So no promises.

Happy Thanksgiving all.

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Happy Tuesday

I’m so excited.

On Thursday Jason and I leave for Surrey BC for four days.

We are staying in a hotel. Alone for four days!


I can’t remember the last time we stayed alone in a hotel. I remember a lot of times we stayed with the kids in a hotel – but alone. Wow, the quiet, the nights without children – Jason and I will be able to sleep all night.

To make the weekend even more perfect tomorrow I am spending the day at the Spa to get ready for the trip. I am getting my eyebrows waxed, getting a manicure and a pedicure and a sixty minute facial. A full day of pampering for me.

Why all the fuss, can’t tell. But I will tell you Friday. I promise.

So until next time… Happy Tuesday.


Sorry… so sorry

Ok Ok I am properly chastised, it has been WAY to long since I posted here. Time has FLOWN by around me.

Anyway Sorry.

What’s been going on. Well, The kids are in the rhythm of school now. Willoweve is doing spectacular in preschool and Xavier is enjoying second grade. He joined chess club this year. So far he’s enjoying it. Quinn is loving the alone time with me and occasionally Jason in the mornings. He likes being the center of our attention.

I am volunteering once a week at Westside baby. I am in charge of sorting the toys in the toy room. It’s a lot of fun and I really enjoy my time there each week.

I have started sharing a lease with Vicki for Little Joe so Willoweve will get to ride twice a month. I will likely take Quinn, my little cowboy out once a month too. Today is the first day and we are heading out after preschool this morning. Hopefully Deb will join us.

It’s going to get harder once I start teaching after school. We will only have about two hours there – it’s an hour drive to and from the farm. I will have just enough time to get home, change and get to the school to teach. I think it’s worth it though.

Deb arrives today from Maryland. We are so excited to have a visitor from “back East”. The kids are so excited to see Godmommy. I have to try to remember that I should only try to talk her into moving here once a day during her visit.

In addition we are getting ready to go to Surrey Canada next week for a long weekend, just Jason and I. I’m so excited we are going to go stay in a hotel and have a room all to ourselves. I honestly can not remember the last time we did that, went away to a hotel by ourselves. I am really excited. Any way enough babbling for today. I will try to be more consistent with posting.

Talk to you all soon, happy Wednesday.

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Fall is upon us

It came abruptly, on Sunday actually. Saturday was glorious we spent over 5 our at the park playing – yup you read that right – over five hours.

Then suddenly Sunday – clouds, a smattering of rain every once in a while and cool weather. Not cold, but cool. Jeans and t-shirt weather in the day, but you need long sleeves once the sun is down, or before it is up.

Yesterday the sun came up around two in the afternoon. today we never saw it, but it didn’t rain either, the sky was just perpetually covered with thick gray clouds.

Wow, I just spent seven sentence talking about the weather.

I guess the weather in Seattle is just more interesting then the weather in Maryland.

Anyway every fall I remember why I love fall. The brisk cool air, not to cold and not to hot. I love fall.

I hope you all are enjoying fall as much as I am. Have a great day today.

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So today I joined Facebook.

What does that mean – well it is just one more way to try and stay in touch with friends across the country. Jason joined it a while ago thanks to an invite from Marc. Then he started talking about it so much I joined too. I am not sure how many people I know are on it but it could be fun.

I posted this really cool picture on Facebook too. I will share it with you too cause I like it so much.

Pam&Jason Tiger

Yup, that’s me – feeding a baby tiger. (Xavier is with me too) Some of you might remember this – Jason shared a message that included this story at Cornerstone once a few years ago. We were visiting Virginia Beach and there was a place you could visit Baby tigers and hold them. We stopped and got a family picture taken with the baby tiger. It just so happened that our timing was right and they offered to let me feed the baby. It was a bottle of milk and ground beef – UHM – YUCK. But SOOOO COOL.

I wish you all a happy weekend.

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Meet Little Joe


Today the kids and I went out to the horse farm where our friend leases a horse and the kids got to ride— and I got to play. Then we went on a picnic at the playground for lunch. We played with Little Joe, the Arabian that my friend Vicki leases one day a week.

I left the farm feeling tired, and yet strangely rejuvenated and energized at the same time. The heat and the work, helping groom Joe, muck his stall and lead him, left me physically tired. Yet, at the same time the enjoyment and satisfaction left me feeling full of energy and ready for more.

I would love to do this every week. Spend time working with horse and around them. I love the smells, the feel, and the energy of the barn. I even love mucking stalls. I wish the horse back riding experience was just a tiny bit less costly.

I had so much fun. So I have tons and tons of pictures to post today.

Ready here we go:

Little Joe 8-15-07 004

Quinn My little cowboy on Little Joe. Quinn had a horrible allergic reaction at the barn, I am not sure what he reacted to but my best guess it the bedding. Despite that he LOVED riding the horse.

Little Joe 8-15-07 027

Quinn hugging Joe.

Little Joe 8-15-07 003

Willoweve riding Joe. Willoweve rode all by herself (with a person leading) she even trotted a little.

Little Joe 8-15-07 005

My big cowboy, Xavier did great, he learned how to safely walk around horses and he helped groom Joe.

Little Joe 8-15-07 016

Willoweve and Fiona on Little Joe together.

Little Joe 8-15-07 021

Quinn again – he REALLY likes riding. He didn’t even need someone walking next to him he has such good balance.

Little Joe 8-15-07 006

More Xavier.

Little Joe 8-15-07 031

Me and Joe (and the little girls too).

Little Joe 8-15-07 024

Xavier helping out.

Little Joe 8-15-07 022

The girls in their pink hats. TOO CUTE!

OK now the gruesome picture. Poor, poor little baby Quinn. He had such a horrible reaction. His eyes swelled almost closed and he had hives on his face. Little Joe 8-15-07 009

Little Joe 8-15-07 010

Poor baby. He looks much better tonight after a dose of Claratin and a nice cool bath.

I just can’t tell you how much fun I had today. The kids had a good time too and we all got lots of outdoor time and exercise. I was so thrilled with the opportunity to be around horses again. Thanks you Vicki for having us come up for the day. I hope we can do it again sometime soon.

I hope you all had a great day today too. Happy Wednesday.



Yeah ok original name I know. Sorry I am feeling a distinct lack of creativity. No doubt the result of head trauma. :( (Please no one panic – I’m kidding)

Happy Birthday Dad.

So I fell down some steps today. It was right after work I was not longer working but had gone to use the rest room before driving home. And OOPPS.

For those of you laughing, well, I am glad I made you smile. I would laugh too but my head hurts. Ok seriously, no permanent damage I didn’t even hurt my ankle but I did hit the back of my head on a cement step and I do now have pain in my head and neck. If I were anymore clumsy walking in a straight line would be dangerous. Oh, wait – it already is. :) (If you can’t laugh at yourself who can you laugh at?)

So next week is going to be REALLY busy (this week being only moderately busy). Monday I work, then Jason works while I come home and host a play date tea party for Willoweve and a friend she met at PT. Then after the play date Willoweve had OT. And all that’s just Monday. The week gets crazier from there on out.

Anyway I hope everyone has a lovely weekend this weekend.

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