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The Big one

So the kids all agree that there favorite thing we did in MD was go crabbing.  We did this in Ocean Pines where we stayed while visiting Ocean City. We were catching Maryland Blue Crabs.

Yeah ok so we didn’t REALLY crab.  We fished for crabs with string and ham.  Hanging ham tied to string in the water and waiting till we felt a tug then slowly pulling the string up. We were  just catching, looking, taking pictures and releasing.  But it was a ton of fun.

Mary caught the biggest.  This Crab has become bigger and bigger in the stories that are being told about it. Willoweve’s hands spread a little wider every time she shows the size and it has become our families very own fish story.  But I have proof of actual size. Here we go… the “big” one.

Ocean City Maryland Trip 070

Coming out of the water – you can tell he’s a boy by the shape of his apron – you can make it out in this picture.

Ocean City Maryland Trip 071

hanging on the string

Ocean City Maryland Trip 072

Running to hide – look at his color isn’t he beautiful.

Ocean City Maryland Trip 073

Trying to hide from us, the kids were all hovering around him yelling and jumping.

Ocean City Maryland Trip 074

Running back towards the water Bye Bye big guy.

Ocean City Maryland Trip 075

And the SPLASH as he returned to the water.

Tomorrow I will post some pictures of the KIDS from when we were crabbing.

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Visiting MD

So the kids and I are visiting MD this summer – weather or not Jason is coming  is still up in the air.

While I would like him to join us it is not an absolute necessity.

The truth is he and I have very different views on visiting MD.  I cannot wait to go back, there are so many people I want to see and so many things I want to do.  I am planing to be back for three weeks and hoping I can squeeze everything into that time.

The hardest thing is Jason has asked – and argued – and logically pointed out – that this will have to be our last trip to MD for a while.  In fact until 2012.

I have to admit it hurts me just to say that.  Two and a half years is such a long time to be away from so many people I love.

In fact trips back to MD have become one of the few things Jason and I fight about.  I wish I could go “Back East” every year, and several of my good friends out here who are from the East Coast do – it seems so unfair that I am the only one who doesn’t get to go back.

But the truth is our financial system just doesn’t allow it. So as hard as it is for me to face the truth I have to – our trip this summer will be the last until the summer of 2012.

Until then all of you – my friends and family have an open standing invitation to come and visit us in Seattle – We don’t have a ton of room but we will make it work if you come!!!

I miss you all and love you… and I cannot wait to see and hang out with you this summer – 20 full days in MD….  I am so looking forward to the sun and the warmth and all the familiar faces.

Start looking for e-mails over the next few days/weeks setting up times and dates to hang out with us.

Love you all.

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Ten of my favorite things about Xavier

In honor of his birthday here is my list of ten or so of Jason and I’s favorite things about Xavier…

This is of course not an exhaustive list.  There are so very many things to love about Xavier also this list is in no particular order.

1) The freckles across the bridge of his nose and over his cheeks.  So adorable, they remind me that he is still just a little boy – even if he is almost as tall as me. :)

2) I love that he looks so much like Jason and is so proud of that.  I love that he wants to be like Jason when he grows up.  And he is just so handsome with the hazel eyes, brown hair and Mediterranean skin.  In a few years he is going to be a heartbreaker.

3) Xavier LOVES people. He has never met a stranger and he is kind to everyone around him.  He has loved people since he was a baby and he is the very definition of an extravert

4) Xavier is SO SMART.  I mean really intelligent.  He could be a doctor or a lawyer or an engineer.  He is just really bright.

5) He still loved to snuggle and still lets me hug and kiss him in front of his friends.

6) He likes to read comic books and draw comic books, he loves to read and be read to in general!

7) He’s creative – give the child Lego’s or Knex’s and he can build anything.  He can create things I look at and go – “how the heck?” He is very creative with his ability to build, create and draw.

8)  He is very responsible and companionite especially with younger children.  He takes care of them and watches out for them and includes them in his games.

8.5) I love that he looks like Jason but loves lists, and schedules like me.  He might not look at all like me but he’s still mine. :)

9) Xavier likes school, he likes his classes, loves his friends and just in general likes to be at school.  It is nice to have a child who genuinely enjoys going to school every day.

9.5) Curiosity – Xavier wants to know and understand everything around him.  He is full of questions – sometimes really hard ones like “Is magic real?”  Other times really easy ones like “What’s in sushi?” or wait – is that one of the hard ones? ;)

10) He is sweet, kind, caring, and intelligent.  Xavier has a heart of gold – he never wants to hurt anyone and will go out of his way to help others.  He has a beautiful personality.  He is always learning and growing and I cannot wait to see the man God grows him into.

Overall Xavier is just a wonderful person.

Xavier – Mommy and Daddy adore you – happy birthday.

Grandma MAC 2000 Xavier

Xavier with Grandma Mac at one month old. :)

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More snow…really???

I have to admit I have been looking forward to the kids return to school tomorrow. I love being home with them, playing with them in the snow and all but… they have been home since December 17th. It’s time for school to start again.


As we drove home from church up in Everett this afternoon watching the grey heavy sky all around us my fear began to built. We saw the first few flurries as we drove up the hill into West Seattle. Now when I look out the window it is more like terror. 

Is it really snowing – again – in Seattle? 


Do we really have another two inches of snow on the ground? 


Are they going to **shudder** – close school tomorrow?


I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens – but I swear if the phone rings at 5am I am going to cry.  Seriously. 

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Playing in the snow.

Today the kids and I played in the snow. We build three snowmen – a daddy a mommy and a baby.

We knocked iceciklles (Sp?) off the down spouts and put them in front of the kids bedroom window so they could watch them melt.

We raked snow- Quinn’s idea and he seemed to have fun with it and Willoweve ate snow.  I gave her very careful and specific direction on what snow was safe to eat and what wasn’t.


Here are a few pictures of our snow filled afternoon.


building snow men 003building snow men 014


building snow men 020  building snow men 017



building snow men 019 building snow men 030


building snow men 023

The kids and there snow man family.




building snow men 036 The ice.


I hope everyone has a happy Monday and a wonderful Three days before Christmas. 

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Yup, I am on the PTA. I am going to the first PTA meeting of the school year tonight.

I NEVER imagined I would be an active part of the PTA.  I mean… well it just seems so “grown up”.  And yeah, I know I am a grown up but I have to admit there are still some days I wake up and feel like I am just playing house.  I never imagined myself a PTA parent.  I mean the PTA is well… an organization.  And it’s well not… I can’t even think of the right word.   I never pictured myself as the PTA type.

Weirder still, I am actually excited about it. I have put every single PTA meeting for the school year on my calendar.  I mean how bizarre is that.

The thing is I really like Alki.  It is a great school and I am so glad that my kids get to go there.  I know you all know the story of getting Xavier into Alki and how wonderful a blessing it was for God to put us into that particular school.  So I won’t bore you with it again.

I will say that after a year and a half at Alki I love it more then I did before and I am even more glad to be an Alki parent and to have my kids in school there.

That is why I want to be part of the PTA, why I want to be active and involved.  Because I think that the staff, teachers and students at Alki are all worth the time and effort to support and I think it is a wonderful community to be a part of.

So yeah, the PTA. Who would’ve thunk it?  :)

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The first day of school

Yes…I cried, but I did it last night after Willoweve was in bed and wouldn’t be upset by it.

So today was the first day of school.

Xavier started third grade.

First day od school Sept 2008 012

Here he is conspiring with a fried.

First day od school Sept 2008 010

And here he is taking care of his sister.

Willoweve started Kindergarten today.

First day od school Sept 2008 008

she is so cute.

First day od school Sept 2008 016

at her locker

First day od school Sept 2008 018

and with daddy

First day od school Sept 2008 021 First day od school Sept 2008 023

then finally at her desk.  She looks so tiny behind her desk.  (Note Quinn in the back corner of the first picture – he noticed himself right away in this picture. :) )

So they are off, and Quinn is enjoying time alone with me and being able to play with any toy he wants.

Overall I think it is a good first day of school.

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Play dates and Podiatrists

Yesterday was a strange, confusing, disappointing day.

LOOONNNGGG Post – sorry lots of info.

First the disappointing:

Xavier was suppose to have a play date with one of his best friends from second grade.  He was so excited to see this little boy.  He’d been talking about it for two weeks.  I was sad for him.  Especially since this little boy is going to a different school next year.  It can be hard to maintain friendships with people in different schools and I wanted to make sure Xavier got to keep in touch with his friend.

He came home crying when he found out that this little boy was changing schools. I tried to reassure him that the school was just a short distance away and he would still see his friend but after yesterday he is more convinced then ever that he won’t.

I know this is left over from the move.  He still talks about Jake and Adam on an almost daily basis… some days I feel so guilty for taking him away from his friends.  Xavier talks about saving up his money so when he is ten he can fly back to Maryland – he wants to take three of his friends from here (this little boy included) with him to MD to visit his old Friends. He just knows they will all get along and have a wonderful time.

Anyway… it was disappointing and I feel like I let him down, even though there was nothing I could do about it.

The Strange and Confusing:

So I went to the Podiatrist.  The did x-rays of both my feet.

I have bone spurs on each heal.  This indicates that the Plantar Fasciitis has been going on for YEARS.  Yes that’s right years.  I assured the doctor that I have not been in pain for years.

Really – I am not the type to live with years of pain. :)

He said that was very possible – usually there is a “straw that breaks the camels back” moment.  For me it was when I began training for the Triathlon.  The motion of running on the treadmill brought out the pain – then it never went away.

So what do I have to do.

Well – last night I had to go buy new shoes.  We had to spend $200 on SHOES!!!  I have never spent that much on shoes in my life.  However he gave me the brands I should buy and a page full of instructions on what to look for.  I got two pairs of shoes.  One for everyday wear and one for exercising.

I also have to sleep in these boot like contraptions that are hot and uncomfortable, but should help my feet heal correctly.

Then the confusing part.

The Podiatrist looked at my ankle and asked me a bunch of questions.  Most of which I answered with “I don’t know.”

For example:

“Why does your doctor suspect a Lipoma?”

“Where is the Lipoma?”

“Why is your vitamin D Low?”

“Why did your doctor refer you to an orthopedist?”

UHMMMM… I have no clue – I just do what my doctors tell me and try not to be a pain in the a$$ patient.  These are questions I expect my doctor to answer for me – not to ask me.  Then he spend a lot of time poking and bending my ankle in incredibly painful ways.

Anyway the podiatrist thinks that there is no Lipoma – GREAT NEWS.  He thinks that it is a tear in a ligament that has caused a lot of swelling in the joint.  Good because it doesn’t require surgery.  He told me he thinks I am going to go to the Orthopedist and they are going to “Pat me on the head and tell me I wasted both our time.”

I have no desire to waste anyone’s time.  Especially mine since I have to come home from a camping trip to do this whole Orthopedist appointment.  So I asked him if I should cancel the appointment.  He said he would request my MRI results, take a look at them and then tell me.

So he is going to look at my MRI results and then call me on Friday and let me know if he finds an injury (as he suspects) or a Lipoma (which he doubts).  If it is an injury he will treat me.  If it is a Lipoma then I still have to go to the Orthopedist – who he assured me in the best in the area at dealing with these type of Lipoma’s .

The short version.  I have no more idea what is going on with my right ankle then I did a week ago – but hopefully I will by Friday.

Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you updated.

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Day out with Thomas

On July 18th Jason’s mom and I took the kids up to Snoqualmie where Thomas the Train was visiting the Northwest Train Museum.  When he got off work Jason came up and met us then we all went and had dinner.


It was a really fun day and Quinn got a kick out of riding on Thomas and meeting Sir Topam(Sp?) Hat.   Here are some of the pictures we took while we were visiting Thomas. 

Day out with Thomas 2008 004

Xavier and Quinn playing while we waited to enter the train area.

Day out with Thomas 2008 005

Willoweve with mommy pony- feeding her a chocolate chip cookie.

Day out with Thomas 2008 020

Quinn holding his ticket – he really liked his ticket. :)

Day out with Thomas 2008 024

Willoweve looking out the train window while we rode Thomas

Day out with Thomas 2008 025

Quinn doing the same.  Note he is still holding the ticket. :)

Day out with Thomas 2008 029

A side ways river – oh- no wait this is the view from the train window.

Day out with Thomas 2008 034

Meeting Sir Topam Hat – Quinn was thrilled – Willoweve less so.


It was a great day and one they will no doubt be talking about for a very long time.

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Northwest Animal Trek

These are from this past Saturday August 2nd.  We had a really good time.  Jason’s mom and I took the kids to Northwest Trek.  We saw lots of animals and learned about the flora and fauna of the northwest.

NWT Zoo August 2 2008 002

Xavier kept a list of all the animals we saw on the trip – it was over forty by the end of the day.

NWT Zoo August 2 2008 003

These two pictures (above and Below) are of the kids on the tram ride.

NWT Zoo August 2 2008 007 

Some of the animals we saw:

A baby buffalo:

NWT Zoo August 2 2008 028

A Blue Herring:

NWT Zoo August 2 2008 056

Big horned sheep:

NWT Zoo August 2 2008 062

and many many more. 

Everyone had a great time and it is definitely something that I want to do again with Jason one day.

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