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Visiting MD

So the kids and I are visiting MD this summer – weather or not Jason is coming  is still up in the air.

While I would like him to join us it is not an absolute necessity.

The truth is he and I have very different views on visiting MD.  I cannot wait to go back, there are so many people I want to see and so many things I want to do.  I am planing to be back for three weeks and hoping I can squeeze everything into that time.

The hardest thing is Jason has asked – and argued – and logically pointed out – that this will have to be our last trip to MD for a while.  In fact until 2012.

I have to admit it hurts me just to say that.  Two and a half years is such a long time to be away from so many people I love.

In fact trips back to MD have become one of the few things Jason and I fight about.  I wish I could go “Back East” every year, and several of my good friends out here who are from the East Coast do – it seems so unfair that I am the only one who doesn’t get to go back.

But the truth is our financial system just doesn’t allow it. So as hard as it is for me to face the truth I have to – our trip this summer will be the last until the summer of 2012.

Until then all of you – my friends and family have an open standing invitation to come and visit us in Seattle – We don’t have a ton of room but we will make it work if you come!!!

I miss you all and love you… and I cannot wait to see and hang out with you this summer – 20 full days in MD….  I am so looking forward to the sun and the warmth and all the familiar faces.

Start looking for e-mails over the next few days/weeks setting up times and dates to hang out with us.

Love you all.

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Jason home and sick kids

Last night was crazy.  Jason’s flight from Maryland was scheduled to arrive at 10:40pm.  I had babysitting set up and planned to go pick him up. 


At 7:30pm we were outside playing with our neighbor and their baby (very cute) in her little pool.  Everything was fine.  Then Willoweve started to cry and flip out complaining her eyes hurt. She sat in my lap for the next few minutes crying on and off. 


We came in at 7:50 and I carried Willoweve into the house because she had her shoes off and was still upset.  I noticed she was really hot.  REALLY HOT.  She was also starting to complain that she felt like she was going to throw up.  Not that her stomach was upset but that she thought she was going to throw up.


Inside I took her temp.  104.  YUP, I had a sick kid. 


I was hesitant to give her anything as she was still complaining she thought she was going to throw up. I fed the boys dinner and put them to bed.  By then her eyes were really red and her breathing rapid and her fever still up over 103.  So I called the doctor. Now normally I would not do this – but this hit so fast – she was literarily FINE one minute and miserable the next.   They recommended  I try to give her Tylenol. 


I did, fifteen minutes later she threw up. Amy showed up just before she started puking.  The Tylenol apparently helped though as over the next two hours Willoweve’s fever crept down to a very manageable 101.5.


Amy is a good friend and the mother of one of Willoweve’s good friend. Being such a good friend she kindly offered to go to the airport and get Jason so I could stay with Willoweve who really wanted to be with me.


I really appreciated her help.

So Jason arrived home safely and today Willoweve is recovering – and Quinn is getting sick apparently. 


So in honor of my two sick kids here is a picture of them playing on the beach one day when they were not sick.


WE Sandy beach Field trip 2007 009

WE Sandy beach Field trip 2007 012

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The season of allergies and asthma has begun.  Willoweve seems to be feeling it worst so far, but both Xavier and Quinn have had episodes of wheezing in the past week and needed their rescue inhalers.

I am keeping Willoweve home from school today her breathing is so rough.  She is wheezing badly and coughing hard.

Unfortunately that means no gym this morning.  It’s not that asthma is contagious or anything, but if I take her to the HUGE play area at the gym she will do what any child would do – run around and play HARD.  That would just make her breathing worse.  Not a good plan.  So we will stay home and let her rest and watch TV.

Maybe I will go to the gym tonight – it will depend on Jason’s schedule and such.

Speaking of Jason he has a job interview today for an QA position.  It isn’t ideal and not what he wants to do, but the fact is we need the income.  Especially with gas prices. :)

No seriously we need the income – we are not quitting what we are doing now – although I might eventually have to quit my job at KLC since if Jason is working full time at an office I will have to be home with the kids – but we’ll see.

I’ll keep everyone updated and let you know how things are going.

Have a happy Thursday everyone.

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In case I missed anyone.

So I just sent an e-mail -trying to reach everyone I know- but I might have missed a few of you. So just in case I wanted to share here too.

Hello Everyone I know.

Ok, maybe not quite everyone – but I told Jason I was going to send this to everyone I knew and I am certainly trying.

I want to say Thank you to Eugene. This brought tears to my eyes and the fact the Eugene took the time to mention Jason and that he cares so much about us is not just an encouragement, it is also a model for Jason and I.

I didn’t know Eugene had been a janitor, but I have to say – what with him having an M Div. it makes sense. :)

It is a quick easy read, please take a moment to read it.

Hey, if he is allowed to brag on my hubby I am too.

Thank you Jason for following God’s calling in your life and for being an excellent husband, father and pastor/maintenance man. You have been my hero for a very long time.

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The most cherished wife

My husband did the sexiest thing in the world last night. He made me fell loved and cherished and special.

He planned it out and executed the entire evening. It was wonderful and romantic. He got me roses.

So what did he do…. He cooked me dinner!!!

REALLY the entire meal. Not just some microwave deal either. He made Chicken soft taco’s he marinated the chicken and made black beans and rice. He even got the mild Salsa I like rather then the hot Salsa he likes.

I have the best husband ever.

I mean – he just really is. He knows I made a new Years resolution to eat more healthier meals at home. so instead of just encouraging me to do it he is actively participating. All the meat and vegetables were fresh and organic. The wraps for our soft taco’s were whole wheat, and the salsa was organic.

To top it all off he fed the kids and let me take a shower while he prepared our meal. I mean this man ROCKS. He even bought me roses. All because he loves me and wants to help me achieve my goals.

Sometimes I feel like he does so much for me and I wonder what I can possibly do to love him as well as he loves me. To the best of my knowledge he didn’t make any resolutions I can help him keep.

Any ideas? Wives how do you make your husband feel special and loved?

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A Year in Review

2007 is drawing to a close and as I look back over the year I am amazed by how much we crammed into it. I am amazed by the wonderful year God has given us.

So here it is, my families year in review.


- sold our house in Maryland! Thank you God!!!

- Moved from Maryland to Seattle.

- Embarked on the adventure of a lifetime starting a new life and a new ministry in Seattle.

- Are now the proud owners of a Wii, it’s hard to say who is more excited Jason or the kids.

- Made our first family trip back to Maryland to visit family and friends.


- Finished his last few papers for seminary. He will soon be the proud owner of a Mdiv.

- Has left the full time IT world and is working in his passion of planting a church.

- Loves his coffee shop and the people he is getting to know on a regular basis.

- Rediscovered the joy of reading for pleasure (fiction mostly), after years of reading for school.


- Got into the school we hoped he would – YIPPEE – Thank you God!!! As a side note after almost a year in said school we still love it and are thrilled with it. It is exactly the right school for our family.

- Fished first grade with great grades and great friends.

- Started second grade and is progressing well.

- Joined Chess Club and is enjoying learning to play the game.

- Got absolutely EVERYTHING he asked for for Christmas. Lucky boy.

- Lost his first and second tooth and has two more getting ready to fall out.

WILLOWEVE – Has had the most exciting year of all.

- Early early this year Willoweve gave up her boppy (pacifier for the unenlightened).

- Potty trained!!! Praise God!!!

- Attended nine months of Physical and Occupational Therapy that have helped her in innumerable ways.

- Can now sleep through the night, this is so much nicer then the whole getting out of bed between 6 and 12 times a night.

- Began preschool as a peer at the developmental preschool where Xavier goes to school. Everyone loves her at school, her classmates and her teachers.

- Began work on her IEP (Individualized Education Plan) for school and is getting ready for kindergarten next year.

- Enjoys playing with her ponies, dolls and other toys both alone and with others.

- Has an imagination that tops even mine. :)


- Had the hardest time adjusting to life in a new place. Now he is making friends and enjoying life in Seattle. Often on our trip to Maryland he asked to come home.

- Is looking forward to going to preschool and has already received an unofficial invitation to apply as a peer next year.

- Is just a happy little boy.

And ME

- I LOVE Seattle. I knew when we visited here that this was the place God wanted us. Now after living here almost a year I love it even more then I did when we visited.

- I have gotten to enjoy visiting horse farms, riding and playing with horses more this year living in the City then I did in the past five years of living in the suburbs. Funny how God works.

- I lost my grandmother this year, I hadn’t realized how unprepared I was for a death in my family until it happened.

- I love my job teaching after school science.

This year has been a wonderful and difficult one. If I were keeping a scale it would be hard to say the good balances the loss. However when I look back at the year I can see and feel the blessings more then the losses and I know we are exactly where God wants us to be. There is no greater feeling then that.

So I wish you all a happy and blessed new year and I hope you can all look back on 2007 with as much peace and joy as I can.

Thank you God for that.

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