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The Big one

So the kids all agree that there favorite thing we did in MD was go crabbing.  We did this in Ocean Pines where we stayed while visiting Ocean City. We were catching Maryland Blue Crabs.

Yeah ok so we didn’t REALLY crab.  We fished for crabs with string and ham.  Hanging ham tied to string in the water and waiting till we felt a tug then slowly pulling the string up. We were  just catching, looking, taking pictures and releasing.  But it was a ton of fun.

Mary caught the biggest.  This Crab has become bigger and bigger in the stories that are being told about it. Willoweve’s hands spread a little wider every time she shows the size and it has become our families very own fish story.  But I have proof of actual size. Here we go… the “big” one.

Ocean City Maryland Trip 070

Coming out of the water – you can tell he’s a boy by the shape of his apron – you can make it out in this picture.

Ocean City Maryland Trip 071

hanging on the string

Ocean City Maryland Trip 072

Running to hide – look at his color isn’t he beautiful.

Ocean City Maryland Trip 073

Trying to hide from us, the kids were all hovering around him yelling and jumping.

Ocean City Maryland Trip 074

Running back towards the water Bye Bye big guy.

Ocean City Maryland Trip 075

And the SPLASH as he returned to the water.

Tomorrow I will post some pictures of the KIDS from when we were crabbing.

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Counting Down

Oh – right – by the way – we’re home from Maryland :)

Ok so I’m not even sure if anyone reads this blog – but I am going to try to post on a more regular basis because my entire life is about to change.

No – I’m not being melodramatic.

After nine years of being a Stay at Home Mom to my kids In five days I am going to become a full time working mom.

To be completely fair I worked for Habitat for Humanity for about 15 months in 2006-2007, but I took Willoweve and Quinn with me to work every day and I worked around Xavier’s school schedule.

This will be different, I’m not working around the kids schedule they will be working around mine, I will be working from 6:00am to 4:30pm Monday thru Friday.

This is hugely exciting – for lots of reasons and I am really looking forward to it.  I am none the less nervous.  I hope that I do well in this new role and endeavor.  So if you read this blog look for more info to come – also if you have a minute say a quick prayer or send me good wishes as I start this adventure.