The most cherished wife

My husband did the sexiest thing in the world last night. He made me fell loved and cherished and special.

He planned it out and executed the entire evening. It was wonderful and romantic. He got me roses.

So what did he do…. He cooked me dinner!!!

REALLY the entire meal. Not just some microwave deal either. He made Chicken soft taco’s he marinated the chicken and made black beans and rice. He even got the mild Salsa I like rather then the hot Salsa he likes.

I have the best husband ever.

I mean – he just really is. He knows I made a new Years resolution to eat more healthier meals at home. so instead of just encouraging me to do it he is actively participating. All the meat and vegetables were fresh and organic. The wraps for our soft taco’s were whole wheat, and the salsa was organic.

To top it all off he fed the kids and let me take a shower while he prepared our meal. I mean this man ROCKS. He even bought me roses. All because he loves me and wants to help me achieve my goals.

Sometimes I feel like he does so much for me and I wonder what I can possibly do to love him as well as he loves me. To the best of my knowledge he didn’t make any resolutions I can help him keep.

Any ideas? Wives how do you make your husband feel special and loved?

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