Willoweve in Alki

We got the letter yesterday!!!

Willoweve got into Alki. She will be attending full day kindergarten there in the fall. We pretty much knew she was getting in but it’s nice to have it officially on paper.


I am very pleased that Willoweve will be going to Alki with Xavier. Not only is it more convenient to have both kids at the same school but the fact is I really like Alki. I like the teachers and the other parents and I like the kids Xavier and Willoweve have become friends with this year.

I remember when we moved here (a year ago next month) and went to the enrollment center for the first time. I was so nervous, the whole school choice thing was new and different. I had done a lot of homework and picked Alki and I spent hours praying, and asking others to pray, that Xavier would get in there.

We kept the picture Xavier drew while we sat waiting in the enrollment center. We put it in the box were we have mementoes of the wonderful things God has done in our lives. I consider God allowing us to have our kids at Alki to be a huge blessing and I am very thankful.

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