Do you ever feel like the energizer bunny?

Like you just keep going and going and going and your not really sure where you’re going or if you’re even going to get there…ever.

Someday’s I feel like that. Today I feel like that.

I feel like I try and try and work and work and I’m just falling further behind. This happens to me in a lot of areas.

Dieting, no matter how much I exercise, or how little I eat the scale does not seem to be moving down – at all.

House cleaning, I get the house clean- with lots of help from Jason – and within an hour it’s a mess again.

Money, no matter how hard I try to save we eat into our savings account a little every month.

Laundry – don’t even get me started on Laundry!!! IT NEVER ENDS! I just want to get every piece of clothing in our house clean, once – one time, yet it never happens.

So I just keep going and going and going, and I never get anywhere, just back to the same place I started a lot more tired.So here I go, getting started on another day. Maybe today I will move forward, maybe, just a tiny little bit. :)

I hope this is a forward momentum day for everyone out there in Blog World.

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