Super Cool

So on Friday I had a super cool experience. Jason called me because he saw something in the sound.

Now, ever since we got here I have been looking for stuff in the sound. Orca’s or seals, sea lions, I don’t care, I just want to see something natural in it’s natural habitat.

So far I had no luck. I haven’t seen anything more then sea gulls and some other lovely long necks sea birds, and a few not so lovely sea birds.

So on Friday when Jason called me I had the kids out of the house in about two minutes flat. We drove down and met Jason by the water and walked around watching.

Then there it/they were. Seals or maybe sea lions – not sure and really not sure I could tell the difference – but for the purpose of writing this I’m gonna go with seals. think we saw at least two- briefly together then they went in separate directions and we were mostly watching one. A big dark colored seal that I swear was playing tag with the sea gulls.

Now, I might be wrong – I am no expert – but I don’t think seals eat sea gulls so I honestly think they were just playing. The sea would dive and swim under the water, then the bird would take off and the seal would pop up right where it had been. When the bird settled back on the water they did the whole thing all over again.

Looked like playing to me!!

I was SOOO thrilled. People kept walking past us and I am sure they thought I was WAY more excited then a seal deserved. Maybe this is old hat to them but to me it was a fantastic dream come true.

I live in a place I can watch wile sea animals play with wild sea birds. How cool is that?

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