Slowly but surely

That’s the way healing goes, slowly but surely – at least for me.

I went to the doctors for my four week follow up today and it was a good visit. The doctor said I can start bearing weight today – about 25% for today and tomorrow, then if that isn’t painful I can go up to 50% for a few days  then 75% then eventually 100%. He said it could take up to 10 days to be walking fully without the crutches. 


I JUST WALKED ACROSS THE LIVING ROOM!!!!!!! Very slowly with the help of two crutches – but I did it!!!!

I also have to keep the walking to a minimum and move slowly – no sprints or even long distance walks – but I can walk around my house.


You can’t hear me but I am singing the Hallelujah chorus right now. :)


No driving yet so still pretty much stuck in the house since I am not ready to do hills yet. However I can go to the gym if someone (like my hubby) drives me – I can do upper body exercise and even ride the exercise bike – WITH MY BOOT ON – not riding the bike without the book and absolutely NO OTHER LEG exercise for that my right leg – he was pretty clear on that. 


Overall it was a great doctors visit and I am very excited about all the things I get to do and how much more movement I will be able to incorporate into my life over the next two weeks.

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