Knowing your limits

Went to the doctor today – all excited hoping he would tell me I could drive and walk and be you know human again.


Uh-huh – nope – it was not to be.


In fact instead he told me I had pushed myself to hard, overdone it.  The tendons in my ankle are inflamed, and there not suppose to be.  So for the next 5-7 days instead of moving forward I am moving back. 

Back from one crutch to two crutches, back from moving around freely to being confined to the sitting with my foot up for “most” of the day. 


And no driving for me… :(


I promised myself that if I was going to have this surgery I was going to do EVERYTHING in my power to recover from it the right way so I could have a full and complete recovery. In the past week I have been over doing it.   I need to relax and let myself heal.


So, I am going to take a step back – know my limits and be patient.  I might have set my recovery behind a week or so, but I haven’t blown it out of the water and I won’t.

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