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May 2008

About our Family:

We have lived in West Seattle for a little over a year now and I cannot imagine ever living anywhere else again. I am so in love with this area and so thankful God brought us here. No matter what the future holds I know that we have found the community that is our home.


Name: Pam

DOB: 4/77

Job: Stay at home mom and after school science teacher. I am not working this upcoming summer. Instead I am going to focus on getting Willoweve ready for Kin. and try to help Xavier improve his hand writing.

Fun stuff: I still love to cross stitch, but I haven’t played Zuma in ages. I have also been horse back riding several times in the past year, something I have to admit I thought lost to me forever when I moved to the city – Turns out not so much. Still love it. Recently I have developed a surprising addiction to Rhythm games – Specifically Rock Band and Guitar Hero.


Name: Jason

DOB: 3/74

Job: Inspiration and spiritual leader in West Seattle. In other words Church planter of Ethos, In, Of and For West Seattle. Also as of this week employee of New Millennium Solutions as an IT contractor full time.

Fun stuff: Jason and I have found a new hobby together. We play guitar hero. Man that game is addictive. Jason recently made me a custom face plate for my guitar. Now we have added Rock Band – we can spend hours playing these games – kind of scary – it’s always “just one more song then we’ll go to bed.” Yeah right!


Name: Xavier

DOB: 2/00

My description: Eight going on 15. Xavier enjoys school He finishes second grade in just 12 days and is eager to be a third grader. He loves video games and reading. Xavier lost four teeth this year – the four front ones. He is determined that he will save money and fly to MD to visit friends on his own when he is ten. We’ll talk about that when he saves the money to buy himself a ticket. Xavier is an amazing and wonderful boy. HE no longer likes nicknames but still loves to snuggle with mom and dad.


Name: Willoweve

DOB: 3/03

My description: Wonderful, blond, and well in Xavier’s words crazy. Willoweve is an incredible little girl. Over the course of her short life she has been in Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy. Now she’s getting ready to start kindergarden. OH MY GOSH!!!! Willoweve is outgoing, sweet, smart and amazing. Willoweve likes to wait in bed in the morning for me to come and snuggle her awake. :)

DS # 2

Name: Quinn

DOB: 1/05

My description: Quinn is three. He potty trained about a month ago and is doing great with wearing underpants. He has the cutest little face you can possible imagine and the dimples oh, the dimples. Quinn may or may not start preschool in the fall. I am fine with either eventuality. The thought of all three of the kids out of the house for a few hours both delights and terrifies me. Quinn is a very smart and very physical child. Jason and I are sure he’s going to play football one day. He likes to barrel through life at full speed.

My entire family is an incredible gift from God and I try to remember every day to enjoy them.

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