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Hi everyone, most people reading this Blog are going to know me and the family already – or else you would have little to no interest in reading. However for those who don’t, here is a bit about us.

Our family moved from Columbia Maryland to Seattle Washington in February 2007. We came out here following the call to plant a church for the city of Seattle. We are currently living in the West Seattle area.



DOB: 4/77,

Hobbies: Reading, writing, cross stitching and playing Zuma (thank you Rachel for introducing me to that little addiction)

Job: I teach science after school to k-5th graders and during the summer help run summer camps.



DOB: 3/74

My description: The most wonderful man in the world who I love with all my heart. He enjoys Science fiction and video games (but not Zuma, that little Gem is all mine).

Job: Jason is Pastor of Ethos a church plant In, Of and For West Seattle. Sometimes he is also a contractor for the IT world.



DOB: 2/00

My description: My bright, intelligent and artistic little buga boo boy. He loves to read, play with Lego’s, play the occasional video game and play Justice league. He did WONDERFUL in the first grade and we expect his to excel in the second grade as well.

Job: To be a kid and have fun, but also to get ready for the second grade which he will start this fall.



DOB: 3/03

My description: My little muffin head, the princess of the house and the sweetest little girl to ever live. Smart, musical and creative the child can turn anything into a make believe game. Every toy has a name and a personality, naturally. Willoweve has also begun to demonstrate a talent for numbers that has surprised me. She is spontaneously adding and subtracting numbers in her head. What a bright little girl I have.

Job: To be Princess, to have fun and to get ready for Kindergarten.



DOB: 1/05

My description: My snuggle bug, who happens to be in the throws of the terrible twos at this moment of writing (6/07). Besides being a two year old Quinn is a talker, he talked early, he talks often, he talks good :) Quinn is smart, he gets concepts and ideas I expect to be above his head.

Job: Why being two of course, to play and learn about the world around him and with any luck to potty train this summer ;) (6/07).

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